HF(High Frequency) Electrosurgery


Actto-50A, a high frequency electrosurgery system, helps manage soft tissues with greater efficiency, greater precision and less bleeding than the common dental scalpel

  • Remove unwanted tissue with ease
  • Reduce chair time by simplifying operative procedures and maintaining homeostasis
  • Provides outstanding cutting precision for superior clinical and aesthetic results
  • Allows uneventful healing


DNHmedtech provides technology with improved performance at low power settings minimizing the risk and damage, and stop bleeding quickly

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High Frequency
The Compact
Electrosurgical Unit

  • Exceptional cutting precision
  • Stop bleeding quickly
  • Fast healing

Actto-50A unit specifications

Width 265 mm
Height 89 mm
Depth 180 mm
Weight 3.1 kg(only unit)
Output Frequency 1.2 MHz±10 %
Output Power (10 Level) CUT(50 W), CUT/COAG(45 W), COAG(30 W)
Power Supply 220/230V, 50/60Hz, 220VA
Electrical classification Class 1, Type BF

Included Components

Actto-50A Unit 220/230 V 1
Power Cord 1
Reusable Electrode Set(6type) 1
Dispersive Electrode with Cord 1
Footswitch assembly(Waterproof IP68) 1
Handpiece 1
Handpiece Stand 1
User’s manual 1