Vivid pulp / Vivid life

Pulp Tester vividen

DNHmedtech provides technology with improved performance for quick and easy diagnostic.

  • Quick and Easy Diagnostic
  • Accurate Testing
  • Microprocessor System
  • Easy Mode Selection


The vividen, a state of the art electrical digital pulp tester with greater efficiency, greater accurate and greater convenience than the common dental diagnostic.

The vividen is applied for

- Identification of the pulp vitality
- diagnostics of the pulp status
- observation of healing process
- differential diagnostics

Wireless diagnostic

- Contact with vividen’s metal sheath
- Touch patient’s chin or cheek with free hand

Using Lip-clip

- If gloves are being worn
- Place Lip-clip on the patient’s lip

layout styles

The vividen

  • Designed for optimal ergonomics
  • Easy and accurate diagnostic
  • Microprocessor system
  • Easy mode selection – slow, medium, fast
  • Auto power off conserves battery life
  • Normal Battery life span 1~2 years by regular use(11hours continuous)

vividen unit specifications

Length 190 mm
Height 24 mm
Width 32 mm
Weight 91.5 g(unit)
Output Frequency 160-640 Hz
Output Step 00-60
Input Power DC 9 V(Alkaline Battery)
Electrical Classification Class 1, Type BF

Included Components

vividen unit 1
Probe Set(4 type) 1
Lip Clip Set(2 type) 2
Wire 1
Alkaline Battery(9 V) 1
User’s Manual 1